Genesee Glass & Mirror manufactures custom tabletops to fit most any table. Square, round, racetrack, boat ovals and much more. We can polish the edges of the table top in house for a quick turnaround. You may ask “Why in the world would I want to cover my expensive cherry or oak brand new table with a piece of glass?” Let me give you a few reasons and scenarios why!

  • How many times do people come over and throw there keys down onto your nice table and scratch the top of the table with a mark that will live as a scar for the life of the table.
  • Your wife insists that your brand new table doubles as a place to throw her coat and purse when she gets home. When you pick up the purse and coat there is good chance a scrape, scratch or sinkhole from a zipper or button has left it's lasting impression.
  • Nobody lays things on a table gently they decide it is a good time to tryout for a major league baseball team as they chuck coins, pens, silverware or cell phones on your antique table. Like meteors all of these can leave dings and dents!
  • You’re having company over for appetizers and cocktails and your company decides that they don’t see a coaster so it must be ok to set their drink on your table. After they leave your home you see the ring tattoo they have left on your table top. After an hour of trying to clean it off you realize you will remember their visit to your house every time you sit down for dinner.
  • Do you have an infant, a child or a clumsy adult in your home? Every time you sit down for a family dinner they are spilling their drink or food on your expensive dining set!

    All of these common every day problems can be eliminated by having Genesee Glass & Mirror manufacture a table top for your family’s or your companies tabletops.

    Types of edge work available for tabletop glass

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